Sun Optimization
Sun Optimization

Energy costs are increasing. What risk management strategy would you recommend to address concerns over energy costs, security and supply?

We believe that a holistic multi-step approach based on UPI principles across the entire datacenter lifecycle is required to meet sustainable IT goals.
The first step is planning. During this phase, the project champion looks across business units to understand top business initiatives and prioritize application needs. Then both champion and stakeholders select a datacenter reference architecture that successfully translates business needs into IT and facilities infrastructure requirements. These decisions are best made in consultation with a strong partner ecosystem that leverages UPI based principles to minimize power/cooling consumption and maximize datacenter real estate while enhancing availability, reliability and scalability.


Next is to design the datacenter. Datacenter stakeholders must leverage the skills and services (such as CFD analysis) of their partner and vendor ecosystem services based on UPI principles to achieve efficient capacity planning. Once the design is completed, it is time to deploy. IT stakeholders must now leverage channel partners and pre-configured systems to achieve speedy infrastructure deployment and conserve labor resources. UPI based design principles provide for optimization of energy, space and sustainability through physical to logical infrastructure integration.
Lastly, is it time to operate. At this phase, physical infrastructure management systems provide deep visibility into real-time systems information, enabling datacenter stakeholders to embed sustainability and security directly into IT processes.
The result is a datacenter deployment that meets the business performance requirements and optimizes energy consumption, space and sustainability across multiple levels - rack, cabinet and room - and lowers operational cost while reducing the carbon footprint and the infrastructure risk of the organization.