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Optimizing the Datacenter

Vineeth Ram gives his advice on designing and deploying datacenter initiatives while taking energy efficiency into consideration.

According to a recent survey by Gartner, companies are mandating datacenter initiatives that promote energy efficiency, with 68 percent of respondents rating green IT a top priority issue. But, with just seven percent of respondents prioritizing the green IT issue, why should companies move green IT to the top of their to do list?


Vineeth Ram. As IT organizations address sustainability challenges they typically become more efficient while lowering the infrastructure risk and increasing their agility. This in turn, allows them to free up resources to focus on more value added activities that makes them more relevant to their organization. Champions within the organization must understand the most critical activities to engage in and must bring these priorities into balance with policies that conserve resources, make financial sense for the organization, and that are good for the planet.

In addition, as IT organizations embrace infrastructure consolidation and virtualization and deploy next generation architectures to improve efficiencies and systems performance, they are being confronted with significant challenges around managing power, cooling, space, speed and infrastructure performance. This is leading them to confront sustainability issues head on in the datacenter environment.