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The Optimized Datacenter Microsoft

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To help you achieve the appropriate balance among the three potential IT priorities—reducing costs, improving IT service levels, and enabling new business scenarios—Microsoft has developed a number of Optimization models.  The Core IO model presents a way for you to assess the maturity level of your IT Infrastructure, of which the datacenter is a substantial part, in relation to the business goals of your organization.


The Core IO model divides IT infrastructure into four levels of Optimization maturity: Basic, Standardized, Rationalized, and Dynamic. As an IT infrastructure moves from a lower level of Optimization to higher levels, it matures from being perceived as a “cost center” (at the Basic and Standardized levels) to becoming seen as a “business enabler” (at the Rationalized level) and finally becoming recognized as a strategic “business asset” (at the Dynamic level), providing a clear competitive advantage to the organization.