Sun Optimization
Sun Optimization

Datacenter of the future

Sun's vision is a truly smart datacenter that meets the business performance requirements with a unified, integrated, efficient, sustainable and automated infrastructure across all core systems, optimized to successfully address power, cooling, speed, space and performance challenges.


This datacenter would be able to look at energy rates where cloud facilities have spare capacity, and offload compute cycles to those facilities to optimize power consumption where the cost of energy is least. It would ensure that cooling capacity is matched for the best efficiency, highest performance and lowest operational risk. It would optimize speed by allowing applications and business processes to be matched to the proper topology.

Infrastructure management software would provide visibility into both the physical and logical systems and enables optimization of energy consumption and space utilization in a production environment. Software automation will enable integrated services management capabilities across all systems and the underlying physical infrastructure. Lastly, it would also ensure that planned growth and changes are accommodated efficiently, with the lowest risk and highest agility.

Sun is leading the way to offer high-performance solutions for the entire range of Oracle products. The combination of Oracle’s best-in-class enterprise software and Sun’s mission-critical computing systems can deliver extreme performance, reliability, security and scalability… to help enterprises to gain a lead over their competitors.

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