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For many organizations, IT infrastructure represents the single biggest opportunity to make change for the positive with respect to environmental impact. The biggest contributor to power consumption and heat in the data centre is servers. Servers in aggregate consume huge amounts of power and generate significant amounts of heat. The heat must then be dealt with through cooling, which in turn demands more power. X86 servers have proliferated over the past decade to the point that many organizations simply cannot get enough power into their data centres to sustain the servers they need to deploy in support of the business. The irony is, that depending on the data or research you view, the most commonly cited metric on average X86 server utilization is <10%. These low levels of utilization are extremely wasteful and inefficient and result in not only wasted financial resources, but greatly impact the environment through needless power consumption.

New technologies, such as virtualization, represent an opportunity to drastically reduce the number of physical devices required to sustain the computing demand of a business. Virtualization enables organizations to move away from a “one app, one box” mentality. Of course the hosting of multiple applications on a single server brings about a variety of new management issues. The demands of multiple applications must be met by a single server without impacting performance, regulatory requirements and organizational divisions may impact what applications can be hosted on the same hardware, service levels, maintenance windows and a variety of other non-technical constraints will shape how applications can be consolidated onto smaller numbers of servers

It’s not as simple as removing servers and taking advantage of consolidation. As servers workloads go up, so does their power consumption. This dynamic necessitates a careful analysis of what the before and after power consumption will be given certain combinations. Different server models, chip sets etc will also impact power consumption.

Essant’s Data Centre and Capacity Planning Analytics in conjunction with Sun’s Eco Innovation Solutions enable you to leverage empirical information from your data centre combined with business constraints and hypothetical hardware models to rapidly create “What-if” scenarios that illustrate the detailed impact of any path. The before and after analytics show the impact from a utilization perspective but also the impact of power consumption when moving from one state to another before you make a single change.

Sun's Eco Innovation solutions offer you a clear and actionable path to cut your energy bills and IT environmental impact, helping to transform your technology infrastructure into eco friendly datacentres. It's a simple three-step approach that leads you through Assessing, Optimizing and Virtualizing your infrastructure, using the proven, pre-packaged tools, solutions and methodologies we learned from the redesign of our own datacentres. The Sun Eco Assessment Service for Data center is delivered using proven best practices and methodologies which are non-disruptive to the data center. All testing is in compliance with standards and regulations. The service includes an on-site visit to the customer's facility.

Sun's 3-Step Approach to Greening the Datacentre
Take advantage of our proven, straightforward process for gaining energy, space, and cost savings in the datacenter, all while preserving the environment:

The Sun Eco Assessment Kit delivers a quick and flexible approach to assess existing facility conditions, identify areas in need of improvement, and provide a plan for optimizing energy usage, space utilization, cooling and general environmental conditions, to help you reduce operational costs and optimize datacenter infrastructure.
Sun Eco Resource Centre
Use power calculators, datacenter reference guide, white papers and more, to research and assess your current datacenter state and how you can make it more energy efficient.
Sun Eco Assessment Service for Datacenter – Basic:
Covers a targeted group of hardware and is designed to maximize power and cooling efficiency in the IT infrastructure running web-based services.
Sun Eco Assessment Service for Datacenter – Advanced:
Covers components in the entire datacenter. The offering provides a comprehensive environmental analysis, focusing on factors that could affect cooling efficiency, space utilization, power consumption and computer systems availability. The Advanced option includes measurement and evaluation of power, space and cooling factors in key areas throughout the datacenter.

A complete solution to help you optimize and refresh your datacenter while properly recycling equipment and eliminating eWaste, including money-saving promotions to lower hardware acquisition costs.

Improve data center infrastructure systems utilization and efficiency and lower your energy costs:
Sun systems with CoolThreads technology deliver up to 3x better performance and 4x better performance per watt, in 1/2 the space and at 1/4 the cost.
Designed for consolidation and virtualization, Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers bring mainframe class utilization and efficiency levels to the open systems market, reducing power, cooling, and space requirements.
Upgrade to Sun's energy-efficient products and get FREE environmentally friendly recycling or re-purposing of your old systems with safe data disposal.

A virtualization solution to help you overcome power and space limitations with measurable reductions in power and cooling requirements and systems footprint, along with improvements in system utilization, compute capacity, and security.
Consolidate using Solaris containers and virtualize hundreds of applications on a single system delivering savings in energy, space and cooling costs and a huge reduction in complexity.
Dramatically reduce power consumption with server consolidation and virtualization of up to 42 servers into a single Sun Fire X4600 M2 server with 8 processors and 64GB of memory.
Reduce storage footprint and energy cost per terabyte, dramatically improving utilization of existing libraries with Sun Virtual storage systems.
Upgrade to Sun's energy-efficient products, and get FREE environmentally friendly recycling or re-purposing of your old systems with safe data disposal.