Sun Optimization
Sun Optimization

What are the key criteria for planning and operating a datacenter that enables reliability, agility and flexibility while also managing sustainability goals?

Customer needs and business requirements will ultimately define this design.  To support the design, Sun recommends a unified physical and logical systems infrastructure that utilizes appropriate management software to optimize datacenter performance and conserve valuable and finite resources.

The degree of integration or unification of all the infrastructure elements is becoming extremely important. Traditional disparate systems - computing, communication, power, control and security - need to be architected in a manner that optimizes their combined performance to solve this complex challenge.
The systems infrastructure and the physical infrastructure need to be aligned so that the relevant data can be utilized by the appropriate stakeholders and ultimately shared across various disciplines to drive increased operating efficiencies and capacity planning. This becomes more pronounced with next generation logical systems architectures that introduce complex technologies.
Infrastructure monitoring and management software also needs to be tightly integrated to provide services management capabilities across all systems and the underlying physical infrastructure. These software applications can provide visibility across the infrastructure to provide real-time data reflecting energy consumption, cooling capacity, space availability, asset tracking for capacity management and planning.